Jim, driving instructor

Automatic Driving Instructor in Uckfield, Crowborough & Tunbridge Wells

A consummate professional driver for over 25 years with the bulk being in central London as a qualified (through the Knowledge) traditional "Black Cab" driver.

As for many years Jim had been an instructor for the IAM and RoSPA as an Advanced Motorcycle and Car Instructor he made the decision to put his vast skills in driving to wider and more valuable road safety use and trained to be an ADI. This was a natural path as he had a realised his passion for good driving skills.

Since making the decision Jim was initially an ADI in London with the complex challenges that brings for all drivers especially those new to the driving experience. This London experience makes Jim rather unique in his approach to urban driving whilst at the same time his instructing for the IAM and RoSPA have given him the breadth of knowledge in rural driving.

With the experience gained with the Advanced Driving Jim is in an excellent position to provide refresher training as well as advanced driving skills to existing drivers.

Jim, driving instructor, with his car