Woman driving car

There are many reasons why some people need to take refresher lessons. Maybe you passed years ago and never found yourself in a position where you had to drive. Maybe you recently passed but are still not confident enough to drive solo. Or maybe you've been driving for a while but there's a certain aspect of driving that you're not happy with. Our instructors can help you to improve your skills to become a safer driver. Here's some examples of how we can help:

  • Not driven for years? - If you are in this situation then we'll most likely start at the beginning because it will probably feel like you've forgotten everything! However as we refresh your memory from when you learnt before you'll find that you'll begin to remember skills previously gained and in no time you'll be confident back behind the wheel.
  • Recently passed but still not confident? - People often find that they are a bit fearful of going out on the road by themselves after passing the test. Our instructors can work with you to build your confidence, focusing on some of the more advanced parts of driving.
  • Unhappy with a certain aspect of driving? - You may feel you're happy and confident with most parts of driving but struggle with a certain aspect, night driving or parking for example. We can focus on improving that particular skill for you so you're confident in 100% of your driving.

If you feel you would like to book one of our refresher courses please visit our contact page.