Driving instructor Sky, with her car

Many drivers find they struggle with reversing manoeuvres and parking long after they have passed the driving test. Sometimes we hear stories of how people will drive around for lengthy periods waiting to find a parking spot big enough for two cars so the manoeuvre doesn't prove too tricky. Our instructors can work with you to not only improve your accuracy while parking but to also ensure you carry out your manoeuvre safely, making sure you are observing correctly for other road users. We can help in the following areas:

  • Bay Parking - Reversing into small spaces in car parks of supermarkets and shops can be challenging at the best of times!
  • Parallel Parking - This involves reversing into small gaps in between parked vehicles on the side of a road, sometimes in high streets where you'll be under most pressure.
  • Driveways - Sometimes people live in houses that have very narrow driveways or can be on very steep inclines. Remember you should be reversing into your driveway so that when you leave you are going forwards on to the main road.
  • Multi-story Carparks - The spaces in this type of car park are often very narrow and can involve steep ramps with sharp turns.

If you are having problems with any aspect of parking your vehicle please contact us and one of our fully qualified instructors will be happy to help.