Driving Instructor Susan

ADI Trainer & Manual Driving Instructor Sevenoaks

Hi my name is Susan, I am based in Sevenoaks, I have a husband, 2 children aged 17 & 12 and 2 cats.

I have always had jobs just to pay the bills with no real prospects and no job satisfaction. But thanks to my father who was both a driving instructor then later a driving examiner then a test centre manager, I was always asking ‘how many passed today dad’ I loved hearing his stories which I believe is what has influenced me to have wanted to do this job for so long.

Which now works to my advantage as I’m constantly picking his brains and learning from him, my poor mum!

I never pursued it due to the costs of training and the time I needed to study, Then Covid came along. Due to my job ending I took a temporary job part time, I decided this was a great opportunity to study and put everything I have into this. When the UK reopened I was ready to take my ADI exams.

I haven’t looked back since, my job is now seen not as just a job but as a great part of my life, something I haven’t regretted doing at any point, the highs, the lows and sharing the joy when someone passes with a lifelong skill I have taught them.