Lit street at night

When learning to drive many people may not get to experience night driving, especially if their lessons have been taken during the summer months. One of the main differences between night driving and driving during the day is the difference in visibility. At night your vision will be reduced and it will often be difficult to see the road ahead, as well as signs giving you valuable information. In addition to this, you will also be less visible to other road users in the dark and this can present it's own problems. You also need to have a good understanding of the different headlights on your vehicle and when they should be used. Our fully qualified instructors will be able to improve your skills and awareness when driving at night therefore making you a more competent and confident driver. the areas that we will cover with you will include:

  • dipped headlights
  • full-beam headlights
  • how to avoid and cope with dazzle
  • headlight maintenance
  • keeping a safe distance from hazards

Often driving at night can be stressful experience the first few times you do it so let our instructors help you to gain confidence before doing it alone. If you would like to book a night driving lesson then please visit our contact page.