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Driving Instructor Training Part 2

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Call now: 07717 805 566

Driving Instructor Training Part 2


Part 2

Part 2 of the qulaifying process to become a driving instructor is a test of your driving ability. You must have passed your Part 1 before taking Part 2. The test will take approximately 1 hour and will include:

  • an eyesight test
  • vehicle maintenance and operation questions
  • the test of your driving ability

The eyesight test

For your eyesight test you must be able to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 26.5 metres for new style plates and 27.5 metres for old style plates. Failure to be able to do so will result in the termination of your test.

Vehicle maintenance and operation questions

You will be asked a total of 5 vehicle safety questions, also known as 'show me, tell me' questions. Your examiner will ask you 3 'show me' questions (e.g. show me how you would switch your headlights from dipped to main beam?) and 2 'tell me' questions (e.g. tell me where you would find the recommended tyre pressure for this vehicle and how should the tyre pressure be checked?). For each incorrect answer you will receive one driver fault, or if you answer all 5 questions incorrectly then you will receive a serious fault.

Driving ability

You’ll have to show the examiner all of the following:

  • expert handling of the controls
  • use of correct road procedure
  • anticipation of the actions of other road users and then taking appropriate action
  • sound judgement of distance, speed and timing
  • consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users
  • driving in an environmentally friendly manner

You’ll drive in varying road and traffic conditions, including motorways or dual carriageways where possible.


You must be able to carry out all of the following manoeuvres:

  • move away straight ahead or at an angle
  • overtake, meet or cross the path of other vehicles
  • turn left-hand and right-hand corners
  • stop the vehicle as if you’re in an emergency
  • drive in reverse and enter limited openings to the right and left
  • reverse-park the vehicle into the space behind a parked car
  • reverse-park into a parking bay
  • turn the vehicle to face in the opposite direction using forward and reverse gears

Independent driving

You’ll have to drive without turn-by-turn directions from the examiner for around 10 minutes. You’ll have to follow either:

  • traffic signs
  • a series of directions given to you before you set off
  • a combination of both

On completion of your driving test the examiner will give you the result. There are three different types of fault that can be marked:

  • driving fault - not potentially dangerous but can become more serious if repeatedly done through the test
  • serious fault - potentially dangerous
  • dangerous fault - is actually dangerous to yourself or another road user

To pass your Part 2 test you make no more than 6 driver faults and no serious or dangerous faults. You may attempt the Part 2 test three times before having to wait 2 years and retake your Part 1 test again.

How will we train you?

To prepare you for your you for your Part 2 driving test you will receive up to 20 hours of expert one-to-one tution with Jody Thomas, who is a Grade 6 driving instructor - the highest qualification possible. Jody will first perform an assessment with you before tailoring your lessons to target any weak areas in your driving. Your tution will include:

  • an initial assessment lesson to determine any areas of weakness
  • tailored lessons to build confidence and improve driving skills in any areas of weakness
  • detailed lesson plans using the latest iPad technology
  • a mock test to prepare you for the real thing

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