Driving Instructor Training Part 3/3: Jody Thomas Driving School

Driving Instructor Training Part 3

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Call now: 07717 805 566

Driving Instructor Training Part 3


Part 3

The ADI part 3 is a test of your ability to instruct pupils to drive and is the last part of the qualifying process. It is the most challenging of the parts and will assess:

  • core competencies
  • instructional techniques
  • instructional characteristics

The test lasts around 1 hours and will be taken by an examiner who will play the role of two separate pupils. Each role play will take up half an hour of the test and one will typically be two of the following:

  • a beginner or partly trained pupil
  • a pupil who is about test standard
  • a qualified pupil wanting refresher lessons or further training

The examiner will stay in character as the ‘pupil’ when the test starts.

The examiner will come out of character to help make instructions clearer and for road safety reasons.

Exercises you could cover

You’ll cover 2 exercises - 1 for each of the roles the examiner plays. The examiner will choose the exercises from the following:

  • safety precautions on entering the car and explanation of the controls
  • moving off and making normal stops
  • reversing the car and entering limited openings to the right or left
  • turning the vehicle round in the road to face the opposite direction
  • parking close to the kerb, using reverse gears
  • practical instruction in how to use mirrors and make an emergency stop
  • approaching and turning corners
  • judgement of speed and general road positioning
  • dealing with emerging at T-junctions
  • dealing with all aspects of crossroads
  • dealing with pedestrian crossings and giving appropriate signals
  • meeting, crossing the path of and overtaking other vehicles


Your instruction

Your instruction should be tailored to the standard of the ‘pupil’ the examiner is playing and to the time available - about 30 minutes for each part.

You’re allowed to:

  • ask the ‘pupil’ questions to find out more about their knowledge
  • use lesson plans and training aids
  • refer to notes or subject headings - but you can’t read at length from notes or books

You should:

  • keep any briefing or stationary instruction short
  • be prepared for the ‘pupil’ to ask questions

You must give the ‘pupil’ a chance to show you what you’ve taught them. You should correct any faults they make.

How you're assessed in the test

You’ll be assessed on 3 main areas during your approved driving instructor (ADI) part 3 test:

  • core competencies
  • instructional techniques
  • instructor characteristics


Core competencies

The examiner will assess how well you:

  • identify and prioritise faults
  • analyse and explain faults
  • give instruction to correct faults


Instructional techniques

The examiner will assess how well you:

  • match your level of instruction to the ability and experience of the ‘pupil’
  • plan the lesson
  • control the lesson
  • communicate with the ‘pupil’
  • use question and answer techniques
  • give feedback and encourage the ‘pupil’

The examiner will also assess when and why you use the dual controls.

Instructor characteristics

The examiner will assess whether you:

  • have a relaxed and friendly manner, but aren’t over familiar
  • appear confident, and are able to fill your ‘pupil’ with confidence in a patient and tactful way


How will we train you?

Your ADI part 3 training will again be taken personally by Jody. Part 3 is often a daunting task to begin with, so Jody will conduct a minimum of 30 hours one to one training with you, covering all aspects of Part 3. For a lot of your training you will be practicing in role play situations with Jody playing the part of the pupil and yourself the instructor - coming out of character to discuss how each session has gone and how things can be improved. After the initial 30 hours is completed you'll hopefully be ready to take the test but don't worry if not, more complimentary tuition is available if necessary!

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